I charge $13 for a 15 minute tarot reading. $23 for 30 minute tarot reading, and $40 for 1 hour tarot reading. I also do email readings, I charge $10 for 5,000 characters for a email reading. I take payments via paypal and only accept the payments when a time, date, service, and where the service is performed is established. Each tarot via Skype and phone. If you are international outside of the United States then I will use Skype, but if you live in the United States it is much easier to do the service by the phone. I'm available Monday to Thursday between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern.
just complete the process of purchasing once you complete the process tell me when you're ready.

I am so glad you are interested in the services and I cannot wait to help you.


✔️ "He was great. Answered all of my questions right away and was very helpful. I would definitely have a reading with him again."

✔️ "Picked up a few things in the reading....a nice guy and will give good advice....will let him know if prediction comes to pass. very laid back...and approachable"

✔️ "Really talented and good reader."

✔️ "Very gifted and personable. I asked, he delivered. I definitely recommend you have a private reading with him if you really want the truth."

✔️ "yes that was sooo helping me ... very excellent reading... the best .... God bless you"

✔️ "First time reading and I enjoyed my reading :) good connection and spot on :)"

✔️ "great reading"

✔️ "Really good price :) Getting used to tarot and is very good with emotions."

✔️ "He's amazing and did tune into my situation. Thanks a lot! :)"

✔️ "he did very well i can tell his isnt sure about doing the readings yet on here but he did very well his answers were correct an trust me i made him work for it lol but he did read my past an present an nailed it"

🌟BUY $10 for 5,000 characters for a email reading. 


🌟BUY $13 for a 15 minute tarot reading. Skype or phone

🌟BUY $23 for a 30 minute tarot reading. Skype or phone.

🌟BUY $40 for a 1 hour tarot reading. Skype or phone.

🌟Donate if you just wish to contribute.
donations are not required but greatly appreciated


White Noise, Sleeping, & Spirits,

Something came to my mind one day about my spirit box that spirits speaking within the white noise, and then i read up hearing white noise...