About Me

I first got a spiritual open mind around 2010 and I started get into Tarot reading around 2013, taught by robert a. powell AKA vayutiger I have been on Oranum since Dec 5th of 2015. I am also an Actor, Artist, & Certified Hypnotist from Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) I was first into and born Catholic and then I got into spirituality reincarnation and agnostic and evolution since about 2007, since that happened I've been anxious to open my mind further and beyond and explore different things. I've always been fascinated with history and how much we have accomplished throughout the years us as human beings I've also like to explore the Paranormal and Mysteries of the unknown.

White Noise, Sleeping, & Spirits,

Something came to my mind one day about my spirit box that spirits speaking within the white noise, and then i read up hearing white noise...